NUF is a video production company based in Urawa.
We make any kind of video.
please feel free to contact us.


  • Videos for Branding / Marketing

    Videos for Branding
    / Marketing

    Spreading your company's mission, vision and philosophy with moving images.

  • Videos for Websites

    Videos for Websites

    Short videos for your websites.

  • Filming drone videos

    Filming drone videos

    Our licensed drone cinematographer will fly and film.

  • Videos for internal communications

    Videos for internal communications

    Facilitating internal communication and creating a sense of unity in your company.

  • How-To videos

    How-To videos

    Explaining how-to use products and/or services with visual images.

  • Recruiting videos

    Recruiting videos

    Interview videos with recruitment officers and/or message videos from senior workers.

  • Videos for product demos

    Videos for product demos

    Product / service demonstration videos.

  • Videos for sales tools

    Videos for sales tools

    Sales tools which explaining services/ products and usage methods with easy-to-understand videos.

  • Filming event videos

    Filming event videos

    For archiving/ announcements.

  • Motion graphics

    Motion graphics

    Infographics, animation, 3DCGs.

  • Oher filming/video production

    Other filming/video production

    Long-term filming, filming with special cameras, and other special purpose filming/videos.


Address Iwasaki Bld.201, 4-1-11 Kita-Urawa, Urawa-Ku, Satiama City(c/o LandGarage Inc.)
Contact MAIL : info@newurawafilm.com
TEL : 048-832-9977(c/o LandGarage Inc.)
FAX : 048-832-9973(c/o LandGarage Inc.)
Business Filming/Video production
Established October 1, 2018
Capital ¥2,000,000
Representative Director Kei MIURA
Director Tomotaka FUKUDA
Group Companies


New Urawa Film (NUF) is a new born film/video production company based in Urawa.
NUF seeks for video directors who work together in order to nurture this company.

Job Title Video Director
Experience / Skills Communication in Japanese. (business level)
Working experience in film/ video production.
Knowledge of filming, editing, and visual expression.
Job Description
  • Planning / Project Development
  • Presentation for clients / Creating Materials for the presentations
  • Production Process Management
  • Direction of all stages of video production
  • Communication with production team to instruct them through production

If you are interested please contact us by email or phone.